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Trevor Graham
Trevor Graham is a computer science major who enjoys learning and trying new things, hence his enrollment in The Rampage this semester. He is a very easy going individual who likes to crack jokes and have a good time, all of the time. His interests range anywhere from the big fight on UFC to discussing the big mysteries in philosophy or science. What a weirdo right? Don’t worry though. he’s not going to just randomly throw a conversation like that at you right off the bat. More than likely, he’ll make a joke about something that happened in the news that day to get a good laugh out of you.

On his spare time, Trevor enjoys playing video games on his console (slowly recovering from his Fallout 4 addiction) and also enjoys going to the Tower district to enjoy a good concert at some of the local venues. Is he crazy? Possibly, but he always has a good time around there. He also enjoys going to the movies, kicking back with friends, and watching Californication. Trevor hopes to learn valuable skills while working at The Rampage and making great new friends.

Trevor Graham, Reporter

Mar 28, 2016
The FBI should use every resource possible to crack the code on the terrorist’s phone (Story)
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Trevor Graham