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Jorge Alamo
Jorge Alamo’s major is Journalism/Mass Communication. He doesn’t have many hobbies outside of class except for skateboarding and listening to music. Jorge’s favorite TV show out right now has to be between New Girl and Grandfathered but all-time favorite shows are That 70’s show and Chappelle Show. His favorite type of music is hip-hop, while all genres capture his interest except for country. He first got into hip-hop because his first album ever was Graduation from Kanye West and his first ever vinyl record was The College Dropout also by Kanye West.

Jorge plans on transferring after the spring 2016 semester to Fresno State. He actually got into Journalism because of skateboarding. He moved to Fresno in the summer of 2014 and since he didn’t know anyone he started skating because he found his old board in his garage. Eventually he got hooked on skating and wanted to find a way to keep it in his life and he loved watching all the interviews, web shows, and reading articles about skateboarding which is what dragged him into this field.

Jorge Alamo , Reporter

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Jorge Alamo