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Amrita Alaukh
Amrita Aulakh is a 22-year-old full-time student at Fresno City College and plans on getting her degree in Journalism and Film Studies. Amrita was born and raised in Clovis, California and spent two years living in Hong Kong; this sparked her inner travelling bug and she hopes to travel to many places, such as Japan and Ireland, in the near future.

Other than having a love for travelling, Amrita is more than a little obsessed with anime and manga; she is a self-proclaimed yaoi-expert and an anime devotee. She tends to steer clear of social media and prefers to dwell in the realm of Tumblr and Pinterest. When she’s not writing or doing homework, Amrita is most likely binge-watching an anime, playing video games, buying figures, reading a manga or reading fan-fiction. Her long-term dream, once she’s settled down and retired, is to open an anime collectibles shop and provide people a place to buy rare figures and other anime related items.

Amrita Alaukh, Reporter

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Amrita Alaukh