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Athletes’ Voices

Who is a female athlete that inspires you?

Tara DavisWoodhall (American Olympic Athlete)

Lamar Mitchell

Business Management Major
Photo by: Brisa Serna

“She is a long jumper and is a current long-jump champion and she is my favorite because she is nice. Her technique is fire, her motivation, her work ethic… everything is fire.”



Mallory Swanson (American Soccer Player)

Alanna Harrison

Kinesiology Major
Photo by: Brisa Serna

“She has been my favorite athlete since I was twelve and it’ll always be that way. She is so athletic and she reminds me of myself and you know as a black woman there are always people of color who I look up to.”



JuJu Watkins (Basketball Player at USC)

Noah Taylor

Psychology Major
Photo by: Brisa Serna

“JuJu Watkins is my favorite athlete because she is the guard at USC Trojans. She is simply a bucket and she is humble about it.”

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Brisa Serna, Reporter
Brisa Serna, a dedicated and multifaceted individual, was born in Phoenix, AZ, and spent much of her school years in the southwestern United States, particularly in Hobbs, New Mexico. Currently majoring in journalism, Brisa showcases her unwavering commitment to the dynamic field of media and communication. Her expertise extends beyond the classroom, as she actively contributes to the FCC Athletics page, assuming a key role in managing its social media presence. With keen editing skills, Brisa shapes and refines various forms of content, playing a crucial part in enhancing the online representation of the athletics community. In addition to her contributions to journalism and social media, Brisa is an accomplished portrait photographer, capturing the essence of individuals through her lens. This creative outlet allows her to express her appreciation for the art of visual storytelling. Brisa's dedication extends to the realm of education and mentorship. Currently assistant coaching at two high schools, she imparts her knowledge and passion for athletics to young talents, contributing to the growth and development of high school sports programs. This coaching role underscores Brisa's commitment to nurturing the next generation of athletes and fostering a positive impact in the community. Beyond her professional pursuits, Brisa is known for her enthusiasm for physical fitness, embodying an active lifestyle that reflects her commitment to personal well-being. An outgoing and hard-driven individual, Brisa Serna continues to navigate her journey with a dynamic spirit that resonates in both her professional and personal endeavors.  

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