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Insider: More than just a Basketball Team

Photo by: Brisa Serna
Coach Robert Haynes attentively looking out onto the court Jan. 13, 2024 while his team gets a free throw. The Rams won this game against Porterville College Pirates with a score of 76-67.

As school starts, athletes are asked to do more than just show up on the court. They have to prioritize being a student and balance life.

These student-athletes have support from family, teammates, and coaches. Assistant Coach Daniel Ricks insists that all his players have a part of them that is unique to the team.

“It’s kinda hard to pick. Highlight? Everyone’s kinda had their moments in the season,” Coach Ricks said.

As far as in-season goes for these basketball players, when it comes to playing the game, every player wants a shot at it.

“The guys are starting to click and at the right time. That’s all you can ask of your team, to not peak too early so, I think we are in a great position,” Coach Ricks said.

Coach Ricks knows that as a team, they’ll have that dynamic flow and connection is what leads these athletes to victory.

Brian Carter, #24, knows what playing for his team can mean.

“Being able to find balance…knowing what my capabilities are, what my strengths are, and what my weaknesses are and being able to focus on those weaknesses in being able to grow myself on and off the court,” Carter said.

That mentality is what will help lead the Ram athletes to be state champions.

When being on the court, these athletes pertain to a team. They work together to create an environment of dedication and cordialness.

Milton Walker, #3, is dedicated to his team.

“I became more of a leader, in a team aspect way. It comes with knowing the team… There’s a lot going on, so you can’t just force everything,” Walker said.

He believes that his commitment does not come from playing basketball, it comes from being a great teammate as well.

Being influenced by their family at a young age, these student-athletes prove that true perseverance starts from the second they take to the court.

“My whole family’s really been about sports. My mom ran track in high school and all that. I fell in love with it, to be honest. I played football and track but basketball is like it has my heart you know?” Walker said.

Michael Sarden, #23, like Walker, played basketball at a young age.

“I started playing basketball when I was like four years old. Pretty much ever since it was my favorite thing to do, it’s my passion, it is what I love to do,” Sarden said.

Carter believes dedication starts at the root.

“I come from a family of decorated basketball players. And then eighth grade came and I was like, you know, having fun with it,” Carter said.

Their next game is this Friday, Feb. 23 at Columbia City College Sonora, CA. If the team wins this game, it will secure a spot in the state championship.

Milton Walker #3, Michael Sarden #23, and Brian Carter #24 posing for a shot after winning their game 83-65 against Columbia Jan. 31, 2024. (Photo by: Brisa Serna)

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