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Can the Chiefs do enough to get the Lombardi?

Photo by: Christianna Schiotis
The Chief’s offense will play lackluster compared to a stellar San Fransisco offense. To win the Chiefs will need to rely on what is now a currently nonexistent run game. This photo was manipulated for the purposes of this article.

As Superbowl Sunday approaches, grown men playing a game that has no real-world consequences will inevitably be the deciding factor for American happiness, depression, and even money.

I’m all for it.

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, so naturally, I have to watch anyone else but my team play in the only game that matters and I can say without a shadow of a doubt in my heart I can say I’m rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The San Francisco 49ers are only good because of the system they play in and the fact they have a living Madden 99 overall player in their backfield in Christian McCaffrey, a white boy literally goated with the sauce for a lack of better terms.

And my only question is, why?

Is it at all possible for this team to be not very good? Because they are arguably the best team, player-wise, we have seen in the last 10 years.

The core offensive players like Brock Purdy, McCaffrey, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and Trent Williams make this team insanely dominant to the point it doesn’t matter how a defense tries to stop them, they can’t.

Their main thing is running the ball down their opponent’s throats, or across their opponent’s throats. They are a West Coast Offense which means they’re a zone-run team, they run side to side instead of straight down between the tackles.

This allows for their All-Pro (AP) left tackle Williams to dominate the NFL’s best edge players and fellow AP running back McCaffrey to pick and choose his gap and use his combinations of speed, agility, and strength to make players miss and pick up huge chunk plays.

McCaffrey, who rushed for 1,459 yards and 14 touchdowns, used his legs to pick up an incredible 83 first downs making him the lifeline of the 49ers. His quarterback, Purdy, and fellow AP tight end, Kittle, thrive off this because of their awesome play-action passing attack.

They are cheat codes, the equivalent to Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl, and honestly, it’s the reason why so many NFL fans hate the 49ers. They can’t be stopped when all of their stars are on the field.

That being said, I think the Chiefs are perfectly equipped to stop this prolific passing offense. Their defense has two AP players in defensive lineman Chris Jones and slot cornerback Trent McDuffie, along with some great players like linebacker Willie Gay and cornerback L’Jarius Sneed, has an amazing Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo who is known to bring pressure on quarterbacks.

But despite that the Chiefs offense has been lackluster at best and may be the reason why they can’t go toe-to-toe with the 49ers.

Two years ago was the last year they had Tyreek Hill and ever since he left to go to the Miami Dolphins, they lost the explosion they’ve been accustomed to since Patrick Mahomes got the starting quarterback job in 2018.

This year the Chiefs offense averages just 21.8 points per game, the lowest in over a decade. Mahomes ranks 43rd in the NFL in throwing past the sticks, and the first down line; that includes both starting and backup quarterbacks at 34.8%.

Mahomes also ranks 41st for his average depth of target at 7.3 yards per attempt. This tells me that the Chiefs offense as a whole relies on yards after the catch to generate explosive plays, which they can’t do despite having Travis Kelce as the primary weapon.

So can the Chiefs offense beat an elite 49ers defense? Yes, by running the ball.

The 49ers spread their line out on defense to allow their elite pass rushers to have oneon-ones and create lanes to get to the opposing quarterback which also makes it easier for teams to run the ball. This could lead to the difference between a 49ers win and a Chiefs win.

This season, despite having the 4th lowest run rate, the Chiefs have 8th highest yards per carry at 4.8 and the 7th highest explosive run rate with 13.9% of their runs being 20 yards or more. If the Chiefs want any chance at this game they need to rely on their run game to keep the 49ers passing game off the field.

So how will this affect the game?

In my opinion I think this game will be surprisingly close. The 49ers should start out hot being up by one to two scores when halftime comes around, something like 17-10.

But you can never count Mahomes and Kelce out and I expect a strong second half from the Chiefs.

When the third quarter ends you can expect a slight comeback, 27-23.

Around the eight minute mark in the 4th quarter there should be some big plays from both teams. This is when you’ll see a iconic Kelce touchdown.

If the Chiefs want to win their defense will need to step up in a big way. But compared to the 49ers, the Chiefs personnel is might not be able to compete with a incredible 49er roster.

At the end of the day, I think the 49ers will come out on top in a 34-30.

Long article short, the Swifties are not going to be happy and are in for a long night.

At the end of the day the only things Americans can agree on is the Detroit Lions should have been playing, not the 49ers.

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