Fresno City Softball Strikes Out Cancer


Photo by: Ricardo Reyna

Oct. 1 Breast Cancer Strike Out with FCC current baseball and softball teams to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

The Fresno City softball team joined together with alumni to put on a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness.

The slow pitch game took place on Saturday, Oct. 1, which is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was free to any alumni who wanted to participate in the game. 

No requirements were necessary to play or attend the event, they only asked if people were interested in donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which was the purpose of the event.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation was founded in 1982 in Dallas, Texas after Susan died in 1980 of breast cancer. Her sister started the foundation in hopes to get more research and bring awareness to cancer and how to possibly treat it.

The current and past members of the team were intermixed and then split into teams. They did not keep a score and instead just went out and had fun, but still kept it competitive.

This fundraiser started in 2016 under former head coach, Rhonda Williams. Current coach, Haley Janzer, enjoyed the concept and has upheld the tradition every year.

In regards to continuing the fundraiser, Coach Janzer said “It is an opportunity for our alumni to stay connected with our program; we base a lot of our culture in our ‘Ram Fam’ and that family doesn’t stop when they are done playing at FCC.”

The softball team does not set a goal to raise, they just raise as much as possible and then celebrate that amount in the end.

This is the only fundraiser that they put on for an outside foundation, but they do internal fundraisers for the team itself. For example, FCC Softball hosts a Home Run Derby, where each team, softball and baseball, tries to hit as many home runs as possible in a certain time limit. 

They also host a dinner in November with items to be auctioned off and opportunities for drawings for prizes. 

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