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Coach’s Goodbye to Outgoing Athletes

As the end of the semester draws near, the end of the Spring sports seasons also comes to a close. Athletes who are completing their final season at Fresno City College may have a bitter sweet feeling as they continue on their journey to four year colleges to compete at new levels and continue their studies. Coaches face losing players after every season, some have taken the time to say their final farewell’s to their players who will not be returning next year.


Women’s Basketball


To my sophomores; Amber Ricks, Lacey Gibbons, Kayla Clement, Marlee Wilkinson, Gabbie Hernandez, Clarissa House, and Ebone Brown. The time we spend together always seems to come & go too quickly. All of you have had a positive impact on my life as I hope I have on yours. You have left a positive impression on the freshmen, and hopefully they will do the same as they now become the leaders of our basketball program. I know each of you will continue your education and become a success in your chosen profession.

I have always felt the hardest part of coaching is watching your players move on, knowing that you won’t have the chance to see them on a regular basis. It’s also the most satisfying part of coaching, because you realize you’ve played a small role in helping each sophomore move on to the next chapter of their life.

 I wish all of you good health, a good life, and much happiness.




Coach Tessler



 Good luck to all the sophomores leaving the Fresno City softball program this year.  You’ve put in a tremendous amount of time and effort over the last two years and it has paid off in all your successes in the classroom, as well as the softball field.

You’ve been exemplary in representing Fresno City College and will always be a part of Ram Athletics!  You are all on your way to leading successful lives, and your coaches wish you the best in the future.


-Coach Williams & Coaching staff


Farewell to my sophomores Nicole Seymour and Kellie Poindexter you will be greatly missed by your contribution to the team as well as individuals, you are great people. If I could morph more people into Nicole’s and Kelli’s I would do that in a heartbeat. I wish you very well in the rest of your endeavors.

To the team, we had a tremendous amount of new people, freshmen in particular, even with the large amount of freshman players we managed to do fairly well. The combination of the freshman and sophomores, worked well and also the leadership from the sophomores is greatly appreciated. The freshmen did a great job with adapting and adjusting this season and I hope that it continues into next year now that they have some experience and the freshmen will become sophomores. I am happy with what where we are.

Ultimately all of you girls are great people and I will take great people over great athletes any day.

-Coach Kadingo

Men’s Basketball

            It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to have the time with these people the last two years. Having the players that were here for one year was tremendous and those that were here for two years, it was phenomenal watching them grow as people and players. I’m speechless and ecstatic when I tell you what an amazing ride it has been.

            When I go back and reflect on the nine individuals that are leaving I think about the team, this was a real team in every aspect. They were united on the court and off the court. They were a genuine team, which is seldom that you see today.

 To Madec’s nine unsung warriors:

            Alex Fletcher- Leadership and character

            Cheyanne Alcala- I will miss your toughness and authentic ways.

            Earl Jefferson- I will miss your consistency and loyalty.

            Felix Mapanda- I will miss your innocence and purity.

            Jibreel Nasir- I will miss yourcoachability and heart.

            Percy Lemle- I will miss your soothing personality and quiet competitiveness.

            Dani Lopez- I will miss your caring way and family-first attitude.

            Quinton Watkins- I will miss your humble nature and your unselfish ways.

            Brad Johnston- I will miss your giving and loving nature.

-Coach Madec

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