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Boxing Champ Alcorn Motivates Team

Story By: Tomas Kassahun

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Three time World Boxing Champ Jennifer Alcorn may be the secret behind the success of the Fresno City College Women’s basketball team.

Alcorn, a native of Le Grand, CA and a once stand out catcher for the Fresno State Softball team, has made it her mission to make a difference in her community through fitness. Through an organization known as Team Jab Fitness Boot Camp, Alcorn is able to carry out her mission.

Before the season began, the Rams had a chance to find out what the camp is all about. They made it a routine to get up on Friday mornings and experience a grueling workout, which seems to have paid off.

The team overcame the challenge of running up and down the stairs and they somehow persevered as they ran up and down the field with tires attached to their hips.

“It’s difficult to pin point how much the camp contributed to the success of our team but it showed the players what they can do. Is showed them that they can go beyond their limits,” said head coach Brian Tessler. “It prepared them mentally and physically. When they got in practice, they were able to get through it.”

Guard Gabbie Hernandez agrees. “It prepared me mentally. Everyday I knew I was going to pushed mentally. I had to attain mental toughness to get through the workouts,” said Hernandez.”It was something I looked forward to. It was a nice way to end the week. My body felt relaxed.”

Hernandez also feels the camp brought the team closer together. “We supported each other and got through it together,” she said. Hernandez vividly recalls running alongside her teammates, pulling tires together, and motivating each other through all the squats and push ups.

“Anything we do together improves our chemistry. Just being around each other helps,” said point guard Sarah Mendoza, who like her teammates believes the camp benefited her in more ways than one.

“Alcorn pushed us to our limits. She motivated us and we got it done somehow. It was something different. I actually enjoyed it” said Mendoza.”She built us for mental toughness so when we get tired on the court, we are able to push through it. We really learned we can do anything when we set our mind to it.”

Mendoza is hoping for another opportunity to work Alcorn.”She(Alcorn) has told us she would give us pointers for boxing,”said Mendoza.

The players couldn’t help but notice the physic of the 5’7″, 135 frame of Alcorn. “She’s buff,” said Mendoza.

More importantly, the players were impressed with the motivational skills of Alcorn. Alcorn reminded the players to take it up on themselves not only as an athlete, but as a person to succeed.

“She was hard on us but she knew it would make us better,” said guard Kayla Clement.” I learned to never give up on myself. I pushed myself to exhaustion. I have never worked with tires before.”

Like her teammates, Clement believes the camp strengthened  the team. “We did team bonding drills together and we became closer together,” said Clement.

Clement will not return to the Rams next year, but she says she wishes she had the chance to experience the camp one more time with her teammates.

“What I learned in the camp will help me through out my life. I pushed through my limits and it made me a better person,” said Clement. “It made me stronger physically and mentally. If I can get through that, I can get through anything.”

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Boxing Champ Alcorn Motivates Team