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What Camera is Better: Mirrorless vs DSLR?

Photo by: Jakob Jimenez
Staged photo of Jesus (Jesses) Herrera inspecting different cameras one is a Mirrorless [left] the other is a DSLR [Right] (Wednesday, November 11, 2023.

Since the invention of photography, cameras have evolved from a camera obscura to a roll of film to 35mm film to Polaroid Camera to digital. Digital cameras have been the latest innovation in photography. Digital Single-Lens Reflect (DSLR) cameras were the first step forward into digital, then the mirrorless cameras.

As a photographer, I love keeping up with the latest technology like new camera bodies and lenses from different manufacturers like Sony, Canon, and Nikon.

Technology is what makes the biggest difference between Mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The technology norms between DSLR and Mirrorless are massively different. From bulky, heavy, cameras to smaller, faster shutter speed, and lighter cameras.

Mirrorless cameras don’t have a single lens reflex like DSLR’s do, but instead have an Electronic ViewFinder (EVF). EVF’s have live feedback during capturing photos without any blackout periods.

What about image quality between mirrorless and DSLR cameras?

From experience and a couple of conversions that I had with different photographers, I can conclude that the camera sensor does affect the quality of the image. However, glass or the lenses for your system will affect the quality in a greater magnitude.

Darrin Armstrong, a team member and part owner at “Horn Photo” as well as a landscape and wildlife photographer prefers Mirrorless cameras.

“The main thing with DSLR and Mirrorless for me is autofocus on Mirrorless so having that autofocus that I can true 100% of the time and not relying on a contrast-based autofocus with a DSLRs is huge for me,” Armstrong said.

The newer technology that is put inside of these cameras will always be better for photographers.

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About the Contributor
Jakob Jimenez, Reporter
Jakob K. Jimenez's journey from Fresno, California, is a tale of artistic transformation fueled by life's unexpected turns. Raised in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Jakob's trajectory was initially pointed towards the realm of science, with aspirations of studying chemistry upon graduating from Bullard High School. However, fate had an alternative plan in store. The onset of the pandemic brought about a seismic shift in Jakob's life, dislodging him from the traditional classroom setting and plunging him into a realm of isolation and introspection. This turbulent period served as a catalyst for change, prompting him to veer away from the scientific path and venture into the world of photography. With a camera in hand, he began capturing slices of life, encapsulating moments of joy, vulnerability, and beauty. What started as an endeavor to combat isolation quickly burgeoned into a passion and a profession. Initially photographing friends and family, Jakob's innate talent soon led him to the realm of wedding photography, where he honed his skills in capturing the essence of love and celebration. As he delved deeper into his newfound craft, a hunger for knowledge emerged, compelling him to pursue formal education. Enrolling at Fresno City, Jakob embarked on a journey of academic growth, majoring in Photography and Journalism. He harbored aspirations of becoming a behind-the-scenes photographer on movie sets, visually chronicling the magic that unfolds during cinematic creations. Moreover, he dreamed of collaborating with fellow skilled photographers and contributing to prominent publications, narrating stories through his lens. Jakob's trajectory showcases the power of adaptation and the resilience of human creativity. The adversity of the pandemic, while initially casting a shadow, ultimately paved the way for his metamorphosis into a passionate photographer with a unique perspective. With each click of the shutter, he continues to capture not only images but also emotions, forging connections through his art. As he continues to navigate his academic and artistic pursuits, Jakob K. Jimenez exemplifies how unforeseen circumstances can unravel hidden passions and reshape destinies.

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