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Students need Z’s to get A’s

Photo by: Christianna Schiotis
A student taking a nap on a stone bench outside of the library on Oct. 25, 2023. Students resort to sleeping on stone benches because they don’t have another spot to rest on campus.

Many students walk around campus like zombies, barely getting to their classes. Their eye bags are purple and their eyes are red because the night before they stayed up perfecting their 10-page essay.

Students are sleep-deprived and could use a space to make up for their lost sleep. Without a space for students to nap, they are forced to sleep on stone benches leaving them vulnerable.

“I think it’s very beneficial, especially since the best sleep spot is the library,” Josue Verduzcl, a student majoring in HVAC, said.

Arizona State University has sleeping pods for students who need a quick nap to, “Reset their brains and feel more refreshed.”

Not all students live near Fresno City College. Some of those students have gaps between their classes. It would benefit tired students to rest their minds. 

“I think sleeping pods would be beneficial because it would help students that have long gaps in between their periods.” Emmanuel Castillo, a student at FCC said,  “and it would also help people who have jobs, so they can rest up and be prepared for the next class.”

According to a statistical research article from the National Library of Medicine, Napping in College Students and Its Relationship With Nighttime Sleep, “Napping has been suggested to be a common way for college students to cope with insufficient sleep.”

Students’ academics and involvement in the school could be boosted with just one sleep pod. 

Other positive effects according to the same article are, “improved neurobehavioral performance and alertness have been systematically reviewed in healthy adults.”

Since FCC is building a new science building, the old science building can be used for sleep pods. There are three levels in that building and sleeping pods would only take up a couple rooms.

ASU charges their students depending on how long their naps are. However, their sleep pods are high-tech and fully insulated. It would be nice to have nap pods like those, but a place to nap other than the stone benches would be satisfactory.

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Christianna Schiotis
Christianna Schiotis, News Editor
Christianna Schiotis is an 18-year-old who loves the color pink and dinosaurs; paired with that she has childish humor and enjoys a good joke. She graduated in 2023 from Sanger High School with plenty of merit and awards. She graduated with California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and a State Seal of Civic Engagement. She has made it clear that just because she is young, do not underestimate her. This is Schiotis’s second semester with the Rampage; this semester she is fulfilling the News Editor role. Schiotis was in journalism classes for two of her high school years. In her first year, she was the Photo Editor. Also in her first year, she was in charge of her school's Arts and Literary magazine, which got tenth in the nation at NSPA’s journalism conference. For her Senior year, she was her high school’s newspaper's Editor in Chief, where she led a group of 23 students. During her time, she made her mark and her story got third in the nation. She was ecstatic and will forever brag about it. She is also very thankful for the experience and the amazing staff she had. On top of that, she fell in love with photography. She entered many competitions and even opened her own small photography business. One of her pictures got first place in its division at the Fresno Fairs Junior Art Exhibit. She currently shoots with a Canon R6 and a 24-105mm lens. Schiotis also has her own pets who she spoils- her cat Mocha and puppy Azura. She loves to spend time with her best friend of eight years and her boyfriend of four years. She grew up in Fresno with her three siblings, all younger than her. She is going to do something in the journalism field, but doesn’t know what yet.  

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