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It’s the 21st Century, Drop the Physical Textbooks

A Fresno City College student reading a lecture on a laptop and taking notes on her notebook at the library on Aug. 28, 2023.
Photo by: Jakob Jimenez
A Fresno City College student reading a lecture on a laptop and taking notes on her notebook at the library on Aug. 28, 2023.

I start the new semester by looking at the textbooks and required books for my classes, however I always stop to think about whether I should buy or rent a digital or physical book.

I tend to buy or rent digital books for instant access to the material. That way, there’s no waiting for pick ups or for it to be delivered by Fedex or USPS.

Since it’s digital, the material can be accessible across different devices like a laptop or tablets. An example of this is using iCloud for the Apple to access material between Mac to iPad to iPhone, or using the app Pearson or the website for e-textbooks.

Destiny Terry, a physiology major said “digitals are more reliable because you have them whenever instead of lugging around that physical book.”

I can find books cheaper on third party websites like Amazon or ThriftBooks or sometimes for free. Bookscouter provides many sources for college students to search around for what works best for them. Even the Fresno County Public Library has online resources for e-books.

Buying books digitally helps keep a lightweight backpack and all your resources in one spot.

Digital can create a better workflow for students switching between texts, notes, and class work.

However, this is not a universal feeling among students, like with biology major Andrew Macobeo.

Macabeo prefers a physical book and notebook for taking notes rather than typing on a laptop. Physically writing notes allows him to pay closer attention to what the professor is saying, rather than worrying about making a mistake while typing.

Books and textbooks are tools and a way to receive information, as everyone consumes information differently.

For all my classes, I choose to buy digital books. My workflow is using my iPad for textbooks and taking notes during class, and my Macbook and iPhone I use at home.

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Jakob Jimenez, Reporter
Jakob K. Jimenez's journey from Fresno, California, is a tale of artistic transformation fueled by life's unexpected turns. Raised in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Jakob's trajectory was initially pointed towards the realm of science, with aspirations of studying chemistry upon graduating from Bullard High School. However, fate had an alternative plan in store. The onset of the pandemic brought about a seismic shift in Jakob's life, dislodging him from the traditional classroom setting and plunging him into a realm of isolation and introspection. This turbulent period served as a catalyst for change, prompting him to veer away from the scientific path and venture into the world of photography. With a camera in hand, he began capturing slices of life, encapsulating moments of joy, vulnerability, and beauty. What started as an endeavor to combat isolation quickly burgeoned into a passion and a profession. Initially photographing friends and family, Jakob's innate talent soon led him to the realm of wedding photography, where he honed his skills in capturing the essence of love and celebration. As he delved deeper into his newfound craft, a hunger for knowledge emerged, compelling him to pursue formal education. Enrolling at Fresno City, Jakob embarked on a journey of academic growth, majoring in Photography and Journalism. He harbored aspirations of becoming a behind-the-scenes photographer on movie sets, visually chronicling the magic that unfolds during cinematic creations. Moreover, he dreamed of collaborating with fellow skilled photographers and contributing to prominent publications, narrating stories through his lens. Jakob's trajectory showcases the power of adaptation and the resilience of human creativity. The adversity of the pandemic, while initially casting a shadow, ultimately paved the way for his metamorphosis into a passionate photographer with a unique perspective. With each click of the shutter, he continues to capture not only images but also emotions, forging connections through his art. As he continues to navigate his academic and artistic pursuits, Jakob K. Jimenez exemplifies how unforeseen circumstances can unravel hidden passions and reshape destinies.

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