FCC’s New Parking Structure is a Plus

FCCs New Parking Structure is a Plus

Photo by: Sarah Hernandez

The new parking structure located in the northeast side of the Fresno City College campus was a good addition for all the right reasons. 

The parking structure was built to resolve parking issues around campus and has been a tremendous milestone in the growth of the campus and needs of students. 

“Yeah, I really like it actually. It was a long wait that I had for it when it was built,’’ said Christina Veloz, a student at FCC.

The project first started back in early October of 2020.

Funded by a 2016 bond measure, the project cost $18.3 million dollars to complete.  

The five-level parking structure has 864 total slots and seems to be an open option for students to have parking while also providing smoother traffic flow and less traffic jams during the morning and afternoon hours.  

Doubts of the structures being part of the campus was a concern amongst individuals. It wasn’t certain if the structure could be built in the place it was put in. 

“For a long time, it was thought that it was too expensive to build a parking structure,” said FCC Public Information Officer Kathy Bonilla. “We’re land locked here in the middle of the city to do more parking lots, but once it was determined that it could be done, that’s when we decided to do the parking structure.” 

But the new parking structure is a welcome addition given the college’s expansion nearby.

Across the street is the current construction of the new science building and Child Development Center, for students who may have classes in the science building. The structure then would open up parking places in areas A,B,C and D for other students to park. 

It is hopeful that the student parking structure will be a convenience. With all the new developments underway on campus, there is no doubt the structure has been a step towards the future of parking at FCC.