Has Black Friday Expired?

Story By: Aleena Garcia, Reporter

Black Friday, the tradition where everyone wakes up at the crack of dawn to get good deals on Christmas gifts. Is it time to give it up?

I think it’s a holiday that we shouldn’t really have. To me, it seems like a crazy day where people stand in long lines just to get a few items and then repeat over and over.

Maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline that keeps people looking forward to it.

I think it’s a stressful day to get everything on a list. 

Stores like Target, Walmart, and many more have  curbside pick-up where you don’t have to go in-store. Even Amazon  delivers straight to your door so there is no hassle but just wait for your package. 

For me, not having to go to a store and shop for gifts is nice. Especially for the holidays, it can get hectic with everyone looking for their own gifts. 

Stores are already having Black Friday sales and most people don’t even know there are in-store and online deals everywhere. 

This low foot traffic happens one day out of the year when most stores get their money and deal out of the way. But now it’s kinda all down the durian.

So what does this really mean? 

With all that’s happened in the past two years, not a lot of people want to shop in stores when we have apps on our phones with deals and coupons all year long. 

Apps like Princess Polly, Pretty Little Thing, and Shein always have deals and points you can use  and earn when you wanna buy accessories, clothes, etc. Or get discounts on purchases same as in-store. So why go through the trouble? 

Even Cyber Monday happens three days after Black Friday, with similar deals online. 

I would rather have the comfort of my bed and shop from home on Monday, rather than get pushed and shoved getting one little gift. That doesn’t sound too fun to me. 

Now I get it black Friday is a time when most people get a kick out of shopping for the fun of it. Getting high off the excitement and a coffee rush. 

Yet on the other hand, with the overworked employees and thievery that can happen each year on Black Friday, it seems kind of risky. 

Think of all the workers that have to come two-three hours early to open up and get the merchandise ready along with having to deal with long lines that never end. 

The thievery can be different for each store but the possibility of having people steal during this season isn’t uncommon.

Black Friday is a tradition that some want to still keep alive, but is it really worth it? Or can we call it quits for the next decades?