No More Plastic


Photo by: Aleena Garcia

On Oct. 22 Tulare’s Walmart sells reusable bags that can fit four grocery bags in one bag for $4.96. Designs include characters such as Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear as well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Precheck out bags meant for produce and single use carry-out bags are a no-go come Jan. 1, 2025. 

Pre-checkout bags are bags provided by grocery stores for produce, while carryout bags can be single-plastic bags provided at the point of sale by stores or restaurants. 

California declared precheck-out bags are no more in SB 1046, stating they will not be able to be in stores along with single-use plastic bags.

This applies to restaurants, food trucks, pharmacies, etc.

Single-use carryout bags are described as any bag made out of paper, plastic or other material that is not made out of recycled paper or considered a certified reusable grocery bag.

Now when it comes to getting bags from businesses with biodegradable, degradable, decomposable, or any other compostable material, it can be more effective for everyone. 

Biodegradable bags break down over time, while compostable bags break everything down into the environment. 

 For example, Five Below has its own cloth bags you can buy. Walmart is right behind them, already selling reusable bags at checkout lines or in little side aisles.

I personally like them, and I use them instead of pushing a basket for only a few things. 

I personally use cloth bags when shopping and find them easy to use without struggling to pick up one bag. 

They are great for the environment, easy to clean, last a lot longer, and come in different sizes, so you’re not trying to fit everything in one small bag. 

Adding 10 cents more to each purchase per plastic bag can be a hassle, and is not cheap because of inflation. 

In my opinion, this is a great idea for the environment. Plastic is the cause of animals getting hurt and climate change has some effects on everyday society.

All around us in Fresno, trash covers the grounds, walkways, parks, and schools. 

With plastic not having anywhere to go but the ground and water, is why the change for plastic is near. Some businesses have already chosen to remove plastic bags from their stores. 

Amazon has four sets of eco-friendly cooler bags that fit right in shopping carts, and you pull them up and go. Another idea is using a clothes basket. When leaving, put items in 

the basket and easily carry them when home. 

I see some people in stores starting to purchase and use their own bags, and help the economy while saving me a few bucks from inflation. I like to think I’m helping the environment little by little with having my own cloth bags.