Deal With with Relatives During the Holidays

Story By: Christian Zarcone, Reporter

Tis’ the season! Time for turkey, gifts, christmas lights and family.
It can be rough sometimes dealing with relatives during the holidays. So why not prepare and get some tips from one of the greatest holiday films of all time ”National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!”
First, the movie talks about coping with stress. Ellen Griswold is in the kitchen cooking food while family members are stealing her attention so she tries to occupy herself with staying on task of cooking. Everyone has that getaway during the holidays. That one excuse or task they always do to not talk to family. Instead of lashing out on family members you can cool your stress by taking a break.
Second, know that you’re not always going to be in control of what happens. Anything can happen during the holiday season. Family members could be late, some people may get drunk or kids may get out of hand. In the film Clark Griswold had to deal with family members arguing, his cousin showing up unannounced and the christmas tree burning. Eventually he had to learn that he can’t control everything. During the season, literally ANYTHING can happen. Being able to control everything is almost impossible. It will just increase your stress and put a huge damper on your holiday season.
Thirdly, make sure you give others who are having a hard time with relatives to encouragement even if things don’t go right. Things will go wrong and if you help encourage others through their hard times they might encourage you to. With spouses, it’s always good to help bring each other up. In the film towards the end when Clark starts to flip out Ellen continues to support him even when he goes a little insane. In your family those members who take too much on or take those pesky family members, help them out. Try to give them less of a load on their shoulders.
Sometimes you have to just go with the flow. Things will happen and maybe not in the way you want, so you just have to go along with it all.
There’s always those two family members who get into it every year over politics and I’m sure you know who in your family does that. What do you do in those situations, especially when they try to bring you into it? You simply don’t play favorites because then that’ll really shake things up. Just say that you don’t want to talk about that right now and for everyone to enjoy the food or company that’s in front of them.
In this holiday season know that there may be times when you are giving so much and receiving so little in return. It may feel like you’re doing all the work and everyones receiving all the rewards from it. Look at the season not as a time to get gifts or eat delicious food but to spend time with family, some whom you haven’t seen for awhile.
Try not to take too much on during the season. You may be that person in your house that tries to do everything. This year split the load. You can do something but give other members of your family responsibilities to to help ease your stress. Now if you have those lazy people in your family and you know nothing will get done with them in charge then work with them through this. Maybe this holiday season they change from a lazy person to a hard worker.