In a Theater or On A Streaming Service?

Story By: Christian Zarcone, Reporter

Theaters are the way of the past but also the path to the future of movie viewing. 

In a theater, you get special unique perks that you wouldn’t get with a streaming service.

“I know a lot of us have big TVs at home now, but there’s something about the sound system and the large screen that make it its own experience that I don’t think you’ll get from the couch,” said Fresno City College student Danielle Rodgers. 

With a theater, you get to have this magical moment with total strangers.

What if you’ve never been into a theater before and someone told you that all you do is sit in a room with people you don’t even know and stare a big screen? It may seem a little weird, but only a theater can take something so odd and turn it into a connection moment between you and total strangers. 

Theaters help you experience the film as it was meant to be seen. Streaming services do have their perks but comparing them to a theater it’s no contest. 

Families especially use streaming services because it’s cheaper and they don’t have to go to the theater to watch it.

George Romero a FCC student, says that streaming services have become the main source for media viewing, but he still thinks the movie theater will be around for awhile, “I don’t think movie theaters will ever die out because it’s just an entirely different experience.” 

There is no way these theaters are going anywhere anytime soon. They will live on. Even though streaming services have been making a rise lately theaters have been making improvements and creating additions to their buildings.

What’s the point of watching a film if your not going to experience it the way the filmmaker intended? Steven Spielberg said that movie theaters need to be around forever, according to Variety.

It’s like looking at a painting in black and white that’s supposed to be in color. It was meant to be in color just like film is meant to be seen in a theater. 

Recently, theaters have been making improvements like adding bars so guests could drink during the film, different type of movie watching experience and making special offers. 

Edwards Cinemas in River Park has recently put in a 4DX theater which immerses you into the world of that film with smoke, chair shaking and possible people scaring depending on what film you see. They’ve really tried to push technology to the maximum so they can give their viewers the very best. 

Theaters like Regal Manchester and Edwards Cinemas have been giving people special offers like a collectors cup and popcorn bucket combo.

Most recently though Regal cinemas has dropped a new subscription called Regal Unlimited which gives you unlimited movies for only $21 a month. 

They put on these special offers so people will be able to afford or come to the movies more often. 

Streaming services have affordability, but theaters have the experience–and with bigger perks and new pricing options, theaters are here to stay.