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Students Must Fight Back

Every election season we hear politicians saying that their citizens of the United States should not squander on their children’s future when it comes to fiscal issues.

California’s fiscal crisis changed the rhetoric that we hear from our political leaders. Now they are asking students to pay more to help clean up the mess that they, the politicians, have created.

This is a cold reality concerning California’s debt: no matter how we put it, the burden of paying higher taxes and fees is going to be bestowed upon individuals whom politicians have been using as pawns for decades.

Today’s students should be forcing our politicians to change their culture before saying yes to paying higher taxes, fees, books and other commodities. Students had nothing to do with nearly bankrupting this state. 

California’s fiscal problems go deeper than political leaders spending too much money. Both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have nearly ruined this state in the past 10 or so years.

The Republicans hurt California in two ways: deregulation and their disdain for those who vote for, or work with, their political opponents, the Democrats.

For nearly 20 years, the conservative media successfully convinced others to blindly hate all Democrats, a scheme that their contributors create for them to market.

Their whole philosophy basically says that they should tear down many of the things that have made America a great country in the last century, and rebuilding it to ONLY the Conservative party’s liking.

We, the students, should stand up and say no to the conservatives like former president Theodore Roosevelt did when he left the Republican Party and ran for president as Moose Head Party.

Former president, Theodore Roosevelt, grew disgusted with the anti-federal government attitude of Republican Party conservatives and in March 1912 said, “I prefer to work with moderate, with rational conservatives, provided only that they do in good faith strive forward toward the light.” 

“But when they halt and turn their backs to the light, sit with the seats of reaction, then I must part company with them. We the people cannot turn back. Our aim must be a steady, wise progress.” 

On the other hand, if students do not say to the liberal Democrats, “get off your spending binge,” our partism State officials will act as if they solved the problem when we get out of this recession and go back to their same old get elected schemes.

What Democratic Party leaders like to do is go into their communities and act as if the state can really afford to pay for any program needed to help the so called poor, or our children.

The down side to that notion is that their core supporters come up with the false idea that our State & Federal government have boat loads of money.

In other words what Democratic Party leaders do is market the false notion that money grows on trees.

Once they are elected into office, the fiscally irresponsible liberals use surplus projection… “Scam!!” to say that money will grow on that tree in the future if the market keeps growing at the pace that it was when we were not in a recession.

That scam is a classic example of Democrats putting the burden on today’s students, and they are now asking students to pony up for projection schemes that have not panned out.

Not many supporters of the Democratic Party are suggesting to learn to do more with less. Nor do they seem to care since they keep blindly voting for the same type of politicians.

It is also not like the opposing party are saying and meaning the things that former president Roosevelt said.

We should say no to paying the higher taxes and fees until the leaders of both parties understand that it can’t business as usual, or they, the politicians, will sweep the fatal  mistakes that they made to nearly bankrupt our state under the rug.

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