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Students will see new public-use microwaves at Fresno City College campus this calendar year.

Omar Gutierrez, FCC’s Vice President of Administrative Services, said up to three microwaves could be placed in the cafeteria by fall 2024. Another is likely to be placed in either the Health Sciences, Welcome Center or new Science Building.

Over this summer, the cafeteria will be closed for HVAC and roofing renovations. Gutierrez said the microwaves would be part of the additions.

The only public microwave available to students now is in the Associated Student Government (ASG) office above the Ram Pantry. Arianna Carbajal, a sitting ASG senator, said it is still being determined if they will replace it or if there will be two microwaves in the room.

“We want to make it [microwaves] accessible for everyone and not just over by the Ram Pantry,” Carbajal said.

Ram Pantry was not considered a possible location since they do not have a permit from the city of Fresno to serve hot food.

Administrative Services purchased the microwaves, according to Carbajal. The responsibility falls to Gutierrez to authorize the installation.

Gutierrez said there are four microwaves currently sitting in a warehouse.

The purchases come after an ASG bill passed on Oct. 24, 2023. Alongside ordering microwaves, ASG allocated $600 to purchase utility carts and power strips.

The bill was created by former ASG Trustee Jack Howard, who said it was necessary to meet the demand. “We’d typically get lines out the door during rush hour. That’s only with people in the know about the microwaves,” Howard said.

Carbajal said finding the location and shipping caused a delay from the bill’s passing to installation on campus.

Gutierrez pointed to the responsibilities a new microwave would bring to the institution, such as replacement if they break or get vandalized.

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