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FCC After Dark

Photo by: Jesus Herrera
Aiden Cardenas, an engineering major, waiting for his friend to get out of class in front of the science and development center on the evening of Oct. 19, 2023.

When the sun sets on the Fresno City College campus, darkness descends like fog. The few people walking around are either headed to night classes or going home.

The atmosphere is quiet, still and a little eerie.

Because most services and buildings close around 5 p.m., students in night classes have little to no places to relax while waiting for their class.

Criminology major Felix Torres took his first night class this semester. Although he would prefer earlier classes, he likes how the environment feels at night.

“It’s kinda like taking a night walk, like a stroll in the neighborhood, you are just kind of in your own personal bubble,” Torres said.

Torres takes classes in the morning, so he knows how busy the campus can be compared to at 9:30 p.m. when he is usually out of his night class.

Like other night students, Torres goes home as soon as he gets out of class. Although it wouldn’t bother him if some on-campus services were open later, he also understands that FCC can only do so much.

“That’s for the school to discuss whether they want to leave that open later for students, but then again, I do know that the workers here also have lives and they cannot be here 24/7,” Torres said.

First year student and physics major Matthew Her didn’t have a choice in whether he wanted to take a night class or not. Photography 5 was picked for him.

“I was supposed to have some other class, but they just gave me that,” Her said.

Fresno City College student walking across Yokuts Plaza on campus as night falls on Oct. 19, 2023. (Photo by: Jesus Herrera)

Although Her didn’t care at first about having to take the class in the evening, when he registered for classes in the spring, he will probably not go for a night one again.

He wouldn’t want to take classes that require more hands-on attention like a math class in the evening or in the morning. If he were to take a night class again, it would just depend on the subject.

“If I have to then yeah, I probably will, but it wouldn’t be my first choice,” Her said.

He also agrees it can be calming at night, especially with the lack of traffic in the evening. It doesn’t mean he is completely comfortable.

“It can be a little sketchy, when I’m walking to my car, I just look around a lot more than I used to do,” Her said.

Nursing major Danae Martinez works full time at a medical office so she can only take two night classes, one at FCC and the other at Clovis Community College.

Even though this is Martinez’s second year at FCC, she isn’t used to not being able to see her family. Her son plays volleyball at his high school and she isn’t able to see him practice.

“I don’t get to see him at night time either, I’m going to class Monday through Thursday. The only days I see him are Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Martinez said.

Martinez wouldn’t mind if services extended for a later time, but for her it wouldn’t be necessary.

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Fabio Saravia
Fabio Saravia, Sports Editor
Fabio Saravia is a 21-year-old journalism major at Fresno City College. Born in Fairfield, California, but raised in Vallejo, California. He now resides in Fresno, California and has been living there for about seven years and counting. He has hopes of one day becoming a lawyer in immigration. Look most students that attend Fresno City College, he comes from a family of immigrants. He knows the many hardships they face and hopes to one day be able to alleviate the pain. Fabio graduated from Central West High School as part of the class of 2019. When joining Fresno City College, he was able to join two clubs. The two clubs being PUENTE and the Law Pathways Club. He also was a part in creating the club IGNITE for a Fresno City College chapter, but the process was halted due to the pandemic. Fabio was able to work as a canvasser for nearly two years for the nonprofit organization called Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability. At LCJA he was able to learn one-on-one communications skills as well as phone banking. He also had the opportunity to attack the problem of COVID-19 head on. For his work he was able to set up COVID-19 vaccine clinics and participate in them. He was also one of the main people to register people to get their vaccine in Fresno, Madera, and Tulare County. Fabio always had in interest in writing. His dream goal is to one day be a writer or actor/director along his friends who share the same passion.
Sara Ohler
Sara Ohler, Opinion Editor
Sara Ohler is a 24 year-old journalism major who was born and raised in Fresno, CA. After graduating high school in 2017, she didn't know what she wanted to spend her time studying. She decided to take time off of college, but still wanted to pursue education and went on to become an esthetician. After a few years, she didn't feel challenged within her practice anymore and craved something more, so she decided she would go back to college.  She initially joined the Rampage on a whim, and became an editor in her first semester and is now the editor-in-chief in her third semester. She feels lucky and grateful to have jumped on this opportunity when she did. Sara's passion for writing started around the age of 8, which stemmed from her love of reading. A few years later she would discover a passion for photography. She wrote in her high school newspaper and loved it and she feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience what writing for a publication is like. Though she hasn't decided which university she would like to go to, she plans on transferring to one with a good journalism program where she can dive in to the realm of investigative journalism, photojournalism and music journalism. She has quite a few different hobbies, but you will most likely catch her photographing concerts, reading in a local cafe, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with her pals.
Jesus Herrera
Jesus Herrera, Editor-in-Chief
Jesus Herrera is the Editor in Chief at The Rampage for the spring 2024 semester at Fresno City College. This will be his fourth and final semester on the team. While also fulfilling his duties as EIC, Jesus still plans on growing his writing and photography skills throughout the semester. Born and raised in Fresno Jesus grew up on shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spectacular Spider-man, and Justice League. These started his love for storytelling of all kinds and are the foundation of his belief that a story can have a huge impact on someone's life. To this day he is a big comic and manga fan with his current favorites being Kaiju No.8 and Invincible. Jesus has been going to Fresno City since 2019 but started his journalism major fall of 2022. He has also studied film and American sign language at Fresno City College with the ladder being his major prior to 2020.

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