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Fresno City College students connect with Jose Montoya’s Resonant Valley at Arte Americas

Photo by: Michael Lin
Jose Monotya’s Resonant Valley Exhibition currently on display at Arte Americas, Fresno Photo taken on Oct. 7, 2023

Students of the Art 49 course, Exhibition and Gallery Practice, were offered a unique opportunity to learn the curatorial practice and ethics directly with Jose Montoya’s Resonant Valley exhibition curator; Tony Carranza and Carissa Garcia in Arte America.

Located in downtown Fresno, Arte Americas is a cultural center, showcasing exhibits with rich Latino art and heritage.

“I want the students to be able to have intimate and engaging conversations with curators and have access to the local art and culture,” Art 49 instructor, Elena Harvey Collins said. “To understand the importance and significance not only on a local level but on an international level.”

Jose Montoya’s drawings and sketches were displayed inside cardboard fruit boxes in the exhibition. Photo taken on Oct. 7, 2023 (Photo by: Michael Lin)

The curators, Carranza and Garcia, collaborated for this exhibition by working closely with local artists and the local community to connect with Montoya’s story.

The exhibit has a collection of more than 700 drawings, paintings, poems, sketchbooks, video footage, and music.

“The exhibition design I really enjoy is the area that showcases young Chicano artists where it can be interpreted as a letter to Montoya’s contributions to the Chicano Art Movement,” art student Nataly Barajas said. “This space becomes an intergenerational bond between Chicanos from the past and the present.”

The exhibition tells the story of Jose Montoya’s upbringing, family, and Central Valley Chicano’s history. This regional context adds an extra layer of significance, making the experience uniquely special for students and visitors alike.

“The exhibition is organized in a way that not only captures Jose Montoya’s body of work, but also gives us a window into Chinco culture and art history,” art student Robert Castro said. “It’s more than just looking at a piece of art, it’s looking at the mind and life of Montoya who is deeply involved in the Chicano movement.”

The aviator photograph is at the front and center of the entrance. Royal Chicano Air Force is a historical and political art movement that raises awareness of the struggle Chicano community faced with art. Taken on Oct. 7, 2023. (Photo by: Michael Lin)

Jose Montoya’s Resonant Valley is on display at Arte Americas through Nov. 26. Arte Americas is located at 1630 Van Ness Ave. in downtown Fresno.



This article was edited on Oct. 16 to correct the spelling the names of Montoya and Elena, previously written as Monoyoa and Elna.

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