The War In Ukraine


Photo by: Vadim Ghirda

Ukraine soldiers retreat combat zone. April 2, 2022 (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Story By: Victor Fontes, Reporter

Feb. 24, 2023 will mark a full year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Heavy civilian casualties and new support methods from other countries are just some of the recent events to occur. 

Since the start of the conflict both sides have taken heavy losses with the United Nations in mid January reporting over 7,000 civilians killed. 

Loss of life is heavy, with the Russian military using cluster bombs, missiles, and traditional artillery toward civilians as well as Ukrainian soldiers.

“My initial reaction was one of sadness,” said Fresno State political science lecturer John Farrell. 

Russian points of interest are surrounded by civilian infrastructure with houses and apartment buildings specifically being targeted. This combined with heavy artillery use makes for countless examples of what are considered war crimes under the Geneva Convention.

In recent developments, Germany has agreed to a deal with Ukraine to start supplying them with tanks. So far over 80 tanks are said to be in repair and on their way to the war front.

Following this the U.S. would agree to send over 30 M1 Abrams tanks in show of their support.

“That will help certainly in the ground war and it will escalate, I suppose, destruction. But it increases the capacity of the Ukrainians to defend themselves,” Farrell said. “The tanks and maybe even jets in the future, who knows, are justified if we are going to support them at all.” 

This show of support would add to the second bill passed by Congress in December of last year. Which gave over $45 billion in spending money to aid Ukraine. 

“We live in a world where nations need to be accountable of one another, president Putin needs to be accountable for his actions, Russia needs to be accountable for their actions, Farrell said”

Foreign aid has only increased for Ukraine in recent months. As of Feb. 9, Ukrainian President Voldomir Zelenskyy had surprised the British Prime Minister with a plea for weapons and supply aid.

Zelensky’s surprise visit came after a large military force is said to be amassing against the Ukrainians. Even though estimates say the Russians may attack before Western aid and tank support would arrive. 


When first published this article stated “Which gave $1.7 trillion in spending money to aid Ukraine.” But has been corrected to say “Which gave over $45 billion in spending money to aid Ukraine.”