Food Trucks are Great but Cafeteria and Ram Pantry are More Affordable


Photo by: Jesus Herrera

Fresno City College students lined up at the Grobak Sushi food truck on Oct. 27, 2022 for lunch.

Food trucks are always on campus ready to serve Fresno City College students every Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and each student has their own preference which includes choosing the Ram Pantry and cafeteria over food trucks.

Sam Esparza, a food truck vendor and owner of Get Baked and Sips, serves 350 students with both trucks daily. He is stationed every Wednesday for three hours in the middle of campus with Sips and Get Baked food trucks. 

According to Esparza the student’s most purchased meal from the Get Baked truck is the bacon cheese fries.

Bringing his food trucks to campus was easy, thanks to the program Fresno Street Eats program by Mike Oz, Esparza said.  The program helps small business owners like himself find available vending spots for events like The Fresno Fair or schools around Fresno.

“I honestly really do prefer the food trucks over the cafeteria, they have really good food and personally I don’t really find the cafeteria food to be that great,” mathematics major Liz Lopez said. “I think it’s a great thing to have just in case the food trucks aren’t here, but every time I come they are here so I don’t really go into the cafeteria.”

While students enjoy the options the food trucks provide, some worry about how expensive they can be.

“For the drinks, it’s like $8 and they don’t even give you a lot of drink, it’s mostly ice. And for the potatoes, they are good but I can’t justify paying almost $12 for one,” psychology major Suoa Moua said.

Many students prefer the cafeteria and Ram Pantry over food trucks depending on their financial situation. 

“I enjoy having options sometimes I might want to get tacos or potatoes, so the food trucks are nice to have around for once in a while but I am a college student so I don’t always have money and the Ram pantry is a lifesaver if I want to snack or eat something,” criminology major Michael Loft said.


Corrections on Oct. 31, 2022