Stream on a Budget with Student Discounts


Photo by: Ricardo Reyna

Many students face financial barriers during their college years, making every penny saved count.

One perk of being a college student is the discounts offered by streaming services, allowing students to unwind and escape from homework without breaking the bank. 

The Rampage found that Netflix is favored among students, but not every streaming company offers discounts to students Netflix and Disney+ are two that don’t. There are plenty of other streaming platforms that do. 

Tiffany Pineda, Fresno City College child development major, prefers Netflix over platforms like Hulu and Apple TV+.

“I feel like it [Netflix] has more variety of movies and shows to watch, especially the ones that no longer air on TV,” Pineda said.

Pineda is currently watching Riverdale, an American supernatural crime drama series with five seasons on Netflix. 

“It has kept me interested in pretty much every episode,” Pineda said.   

Although Spotify Premium is a music streaming platform, students can get more for the money than just their favorite songs. A Spotify Premium student subscription includes Spotify, Hulu and Showtime for $4.99 a month, and a free 30 day trial.

The Spotify Student Tier is open to students at US Title IV accredited higher education institutions who meet additional qualifications. 

To qualify students must submit their name, valid educational institution, email address, date of birth or other documents and a form of payment. 

The deal is not valid for returning premium students.

When it comes down to a tighter budget, Hulu offers a standalone discount for students for $1.99 a month, and free 30 day trial. While the trial is free for new subscribers, the discount is for new and existing subscribers whose student enrollment status remains verified from a Title IV accredited college or university.    

Amazon Student Prime is a membership program created for higher education students.

This subscription includes Prime Video, which offers unlimited streaming to a variety of shows and movies.

Qualified student customers get their first six months free, then $7.49 a month for up to four years or the end of their studies. The membership will then convert to a normal Prime subscription fee of $14.99.

The two-day shipping offered could be beneficial for students who rent or buy new and used textbooks. Other benefits included are Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Photos, and Prime Gaming. 

YouTube Premium for students offers a one month free trial, and $6.99 monthly for eligible students with required annual verification.

YouTube student memberships are only available to full-time students at higher education institutions in select countries, and eligibility will be verified by the third-party verification service SheerID.

The subscriptions are valid for up to four years. At the end of each year, students are required to re-verify eligibility. 

After expiration of the student discount the service will transition to a full-priced YouTube Premium. 

All subscriptions can be canceled at any time.