Fresno City College To Receive Funding for Nursing Program


The nursing program at Fresno City College is receiving $474,000 in funding as part of the Nurse Pipeline Extension Project, secured by U.S. Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno.

The project, according to the representative’s website, “will recruit first-generation students of color, supporting matriculation from the FCC Nursing Program to CSU Fresno bachelor’s in nursing program that they will complete and continue to master’s level advanced practice nursing.”

One of the main purposes of the program is to increase equity in the medical workforce. A short description of a report, written by FCC Director of Nursing Keisha Lewis Nesbitt, says “A nursing workforce that mirrors the region’s diverse population helps alleviate barriers like language, and also provides cultural understanding by healthcare providers and has an enormous positive impact on patient outcomes.”

Nesbitt, who has been the director of nursing since July 2021, said the amount of money is perfect for what the departments need to do. “Even though it sounds like a lot, really it’s just exactly what we need,” Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt mentioned that the accreditation process is being worked on now since the funding is finalized, and could take up to two years.

Nursing major Poonam Rattu believes that this funding can bring many benefits.

“The nursing program can use these funds to enhance their program. They can provide the students with helpful resources, which usually cost a lot,” said Rattu. “It will be great if they use it towards something positive.”