FCC Second Rainbow Completion Ceremony Registration Opens


Fresno City College’s Allied Staff and Faculty Association is honoring graduating and transfer students who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community with their annual Rainbow Completion Ceremony.

Arien Reed, who is a budget technician for disabled students and volunteers as the president for Allied Staff and Faculty Association said this is the second year of hosting the ceremony for FCC students.

Reed said that this is a moment to celebrate LGBTQ students and the accomplishments they have done at their time at FCC.

“Our students have to overcome special and unique barriers to succeed that other people who are not LGBTQ wouldn’t understand,” said Reed. 

As students who do identify as LGBTQ face discrimination, homophhobia, transphobia and other challenges. 

“It’s just a nice safe space for us to all come together to be our true selves and to celebrate collectively as a unified group,” said Reed.

The deadline to register for the ceremony is April 29 in order to be a part of the ceremony on May 21, at 1 p.m on Zoom.

Students are allowed to bring guests to the ceremony.

The ceremony will have a video with pictures of all the students involved in the ceremony along with their name and what flag represents them.

Students will also receive rainbow stole, tassels and cords, along with any other items like keychains, stickers and pins that Allied Staff and Faculty Association has to spend on the students. 

Reed has said that they got $500 from Equality California to fund this ceremony. 

Equality California is a non-profit organization whose goal is to achieve equality for the LGBTQ community by electing pro-equality leaders, passing pro-equality legislation and fighting for LGBTQ civil rights and social justice.

The ceremony will also have a few speakers to talk about their experiences. The speakers have not been confirmed but will be in the weeks to come.

If you have any question about the event, email [email protected]