New FCC Program Brings in Hundreds of Applicants from High School


Photo by: Krystle Nozartash

The First Year Experience Program offers support to students incoming from high school to Fresno City College.

Fresno City College is offering a new program for first year students the fall 2022 semester. 

The First Year Experience program aims to help high school students with their transition to college. 

The program will provide free access to Windows laptops and access to free and low cost textbooks. 

To be eligible for this program a student must be a first time freshman coming straight from high school to FCC. 

The lead for the program David Childers said “What we hope is that we can put the right supports in place through our program that will ease that transition that will help them focus more on the academics, than to be focused on the things like scheduling and paperwork.”

Childers hopes that the program can provide priority registration for First Year Experience students. 

“We’re hoping by the spring that we’ll be able to get those First Year Experience students to get at least a little bit of priority registration, to make sure they get the classes that they need at the time that they need,” said Childers. 

The program also has pathway guides that will assist and support students throughout the semester. 

Central East High School senior Tirzah Haynes is one of the many students that is interested in joining the First Year Experience program. “I’m interested in it because I want to get a good experience for a first timer in college.” Haynes plans on majoring in nursing at FCC. 

The First Year Experience program has been engaging over different social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok to reach high school seniors. Over 200 incoming students have filled out the interest list for the program.