‘Right Now, We’re Giving Warnings,’ No-Smoking Policy Quietly Enforced


Story By: Natalie Gallagos, Reporter

The chief of the police of the State Center Community College District wants the community to know that his office is enforcing the tobacco free status of the district’s various campus sites.

“Right now, we’re giving warnings,” and campus police are taking note of those who have multiple violations, Chief Jose Flores said,

Anyone caught violating this new policy on campus will be referred to Sean Henderson, dean of students.

“I see people smoking on the street corner of Weldon and College Ave. We have complaints of people going to and smoking at Maroa and Peralta. They call it ‘Smokers Alley’, they even have a name for it,” Flores said.

Fresno City College has been a smoke and tobacco free campus since the fall semester started on Aug. 12.

The tobacco free policy was recommended by the Chancellor’s Cabinet and approved by the board of trustees on April 8. This policy was implemented at all State Center Community College District campuses.

“The board wants this [FCC campus] to be a pleasant, educational experience for the majority of those who don’t smoke,” Flores said . “It’s not fair for those who don’t want that type of environment to come to a place of study where people are smoking and violating the space of others.”

The goal of the policy is to reduce the amount of smoking on all district campuses and protect people from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Clear signage illustrating the ban have been placed all over SCCCD campuses and previous designated smoking areas were removed.

“People should be able to smoke if they want to, but of course respect others,” Jocelyn Velasquez, a freshman majoring in forensic psychology, said. “Therefore, we should have a smoke free zone and a zone where you’re allowed to smoke.”

“I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes,” said freshman sociology major Terence Banks. “If it’s an e-cig, then I guess it’s OK since they technically don’t have that smell.”

“Protect yourself; if you smoke, try to quit. If you need to smoke and use these products, know what the policy says,” Flores said. “Don’t do it on campus. Find a place to do it outside.”