How to Get a Campus Job

Story By: Avery Johnston, Reporter

Students don’t have to look far for job opportunities because Fresno City College offers a variety of jobs through the Federal Work Study Program.

Student workers are allowed to work up to 19 hours a week. The FWS program requires themt to meet satisfactory academic progress defined by the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and be enrolled in at least six units.

Student Gage Bauer said he is grateful for the flexibility his job as a cashier in the business office offers.

“There’s a lot of downtime when there’s no customers coming in, and were allowed to do homework, so that helps a lot,” Bauer says.

Bookstore employees used to be paid through FWS, and worked 19-hour weeks. Now that Follett Higher Education Inc. runs the bookstore, bookstore employees are hired independently and can work for as many hours as they are assigned.

The FWS wage depends on the department and the level of work the student does. The starting rate is at $12 an hour, the minimum wage in California.

Students get paid once a month and can pick up their money from the Business office, located in the Old Administration Building.

Unlike most federal jobs, there are no dental or health care benefits for student aides or federal work study employees.

Eligibility for the program can be determined by the financial aid office, and district standards must be upheld. Jobs are available in many departments but also in the bookstore and in the cafeteria.

To apply for a job in the bookstore, student’s can go onto the Follet Website and fill out an application.

The process starts by the student submitting a FASFA application and indicating that they are interested in the FWS program on their application.

The student must also complete a Tuberculosis (TB skin test), and complete a live scan
fingerprint in the SCCCD District Human Resources Office.

Provisional Administrative Services Technician Alma Huerta started her career at FCC as a student aide and has since moved up in her time here.

“This is my third year on campus, and it’s a great tool,” Alma Huerta said. “ This opened a lot of doors for me.”

Perla Vidrio said he enjoys the benefit of working on campus as a student aide in the business office.

“It’s also convenient where if you go to school here and you work here,” Vidrio said. “It doesn’t take time for commuting or having to run around town.”