Later Start Means Later End to Spring Semester

Story By: Gisella Luna, Reporter

If you noticed that the Christmas break seemed longer-than-usual, you are not alone.

The Spring 2019 semester started one week later than in previous years, and students are wondering what it all means.

“During break I  remembered that I started school at the same time as the Fresno Unified Schools did, I was confused when I noticed it was different but I wasn’t one to question a good thing,” Jeret Carpenter, a theater major in his third year at Fresno City College, said.

Kathy Bonilla, the public information officer at FCC, said she doesn’t know the specific reason for the date change, but that the later start date is because the district is returning to its original schedule, used back in 2016.

“We are getting back to what we were used to,” Bonilla said. “ For the past couple of years, they started a week prior.”

The later start date means a later end-of-semester date.

“We have a traditional 18-week semester, the change does affect it, in that we end up ending later,” Bonilla said. “This year, the end is May 24.”  Last year’s end date was the week prior.

“We are getting a week more of sleep and to do whatever we want,” Jocelyn Simon, a second year communications major said. “I think it’s only fair that we feel like we have a week more of school, even though it’s the same amount of time.”

Students and staff who are interested in planning things ahead of time outside of school and want to know how to find important dates in the future can visit the school’s website, to view the calendars and dates for campus events as well as changes to start and end dates of events.