There’s a Big Mood For The Big Fresno Fair Food


Photo by: Bryan Beltran

Fresno Fair attendees lining up for the food booths. Sunday Oct. 7, 2018.

The fair has returned to town and brought all the fan favorite, mouth watering foods with it. From cinnamon rolls and deep-fried desserts to the freshly smoked BBQ and jumbo corn dogs, Fresnans are indulging.

“The food is a little expensive,” said Jovani Velasquez, a first time Fresno fair attendee chowing down on deep fried bacon wrapped chicken. “It’s great and I’m here to waste money.”

Obviously, many people attend the fair for the rides, but many others are going just for the food. James Martinez, a Fresno City College alumnus, went for dinner. “Some family came into town and I thought ‘hey the fair’s in town, let’s eat there,” he said.

Each member of the Martinez family enjoyed a different plate, from pizza, BBQ turkey drumsticks, donut cheeseburgers to fried chicken. “The taste and quality of the food and drinks are worth the price,” Martinez said.

“I’ve been coming to the fair my whole life,” said Melissa Perez, a mother of three. “My father brought us here every year and always got us cinnamon rolls. Now I bring my kids every year. It’s like a tradition to come get the cinnamon rolls.”