The Horrors of Midterms


Photo by: Kellie Clark

Photo by Kellie Clark

With the holidays drawing near, a sense of dread stalks the halls of Fresno City College. Halloween is only a few days away, just in time for one of the most horrifying times of year. Midterms.

Students are bustling around trying to get notes done, buy that book that they’ve been holding off on, or begging teachers to help them with their studies. Surviving the midterms is no easy task, luckily Fresno City College offers ways to help students with their struggles.

The number one place to visit when considering midterms is the library. “Easiest things we offer is space. It is busy in this building,” Laurel Doud, FCC librarian, said. She said the reference room is for talking and collaborate study, while the west wing is totally silent.
“A librarian is on the desk every hour that the library is open so you can come in and ask questions. You don’t have to make appointments, you can just walk in and ask the librarian for help in any topic,” Doud said.

Some students prefer taking matters into their own hands by studying their notes or creating study groups. Nouchi Lor, a social work major, said she prepares for midterms by, “Looking at the study guides that the teachers provide” and reading the assigned chapters.

Unfortunately those who can’t afford books are usually left trying to write everything down. They don’t have to do that! Dien Tablett, a kinesiology major, said that he meets up with a group of students to go over the book for those who don’t have it.

Despite midterms usually being difficult students can make things easier by joining a study group, ask help at the library or even turn to their teachers. Fresno City College offers many tutorial centers and references to help those struggling with the horrors of midterms.