Porch Talk Provides a Safe Haven for the Women of FCC

Twice a month in Room 126 of the Old Administration Building, Venita Lee, founder of Porch Talk which she describes as “a group of women talking about what is going on it their lives and in school.”

She said it is “like a support group” and a safe haven where women can seek advice, support and confidentiality. “The goal of porch talk is to give them the opportunity to have support.”

The name porch talk comes from the uUmoja community Lee explained that the name is rooted in history, and the porch talk refers to the talks manys African American women would have on their porches.

Whatever was said on the porch stayed on the porch, it was a safe place to catch up, to seek advice and comfort.

Lee says the group abides by the porch talk slogan –“We listen, we accept, and we support you.”

For more information on porch talk please contact Lee [email protected]