ASG Votes in New Elections Commissioner


Photo by: Tasha Turner

Shirley Ly ASG Elections Commissioner in the student lounge on March 6.

Shirley Ly is the new Associated Student Government’s elections commissioner. Ly was voted in during ASG’s meeting on Feb. 27.

Ly says she is highly organized and is on campus everyday.  “I really want to get an experience of what it’s like to be a part of something like ASG,” she said.

The elections commissioner’s job is to manage the ASG elections, said Brandon McLaughlin, the president of the organization.

“I feel like I’m very neutral for everyone,” she said. “I don’t know anyone personally, so it will be hard for me to be biased towards anyone.”

Jerry Garcia, vice president of the ASG, said, “Shirley is extremely professional; she does not mix business with anything personal.”

Garcia added, “She has a great work ethic, and I’m very amazed by it.”