Students Say Keeping Campus Bathrooms Clean is Everyone’s Responsibility


Photo by: Tasha Turner

Trash lies on the floor inside the middle stall of the women's restroom by the cafeteria/student lounge on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018.

It isn’t just the custodian’s job to keep the bathrooms at Fresno City College clean, according to several students.

“I don’t think the bathrooms are respected enough by students, said Alondra Gallegos, a psychology major in her second year. “[The bathrooms are] not incredibly dirty, but they are fairly dirty. I think the students should help keep them clean.”

Tammy Morris, a social worker major, said, “The bathrooms [at FCC] are filthy. I find catheters in the stalls all the time.”  She suggested that the custodians should clean the bathrooms at least two times a day.

Morris also said students should help by cleaning up after themselves and added that the college authorities should see if any students want to volunteer to help clean the bathrooms.

“One thing that I do is push down the paper towels when I see the trash can is overflowing,” Gallegos said. “It’s not too hard to do. I lay new paper towels on top so that I don’t touch the trash inside when I push down. Students can also make sure any trash makes it into the toilet or a trash can.”

Patrick Antunez, a communications/journalism major since 2016, said, “[Students should] make sure [their] waste is fully flushed and pick up any stuff that didn’t make it in the trash.”

Gallegos said improvements should be made with the custodians also.  “[Custodians] should be cleaning out the trash cans regularly.”  She said that when she uses the bathrooms, the trash cans are overflowing with trash.

John Luna, a custodian for 13 years, said the bathrooms are cleaned four times a day, twice during the day and twice at night.

“In kindergarten we are taught to pick up after ourselves, so picking up after yourself in college shouldn’t be a problem,” Luna said. “Make sure that the toilet is fully flushed and properly dispose of all trash.”

As for custodians, they should be careful on how they ask for students help, according to Luna. Asking nicely for them to pick up their mess will have a better response than yelling at them he said.

“We are not asking the students to do our job for us,” Luna said. “All we ask is that they pick up after themselves and help take care of our campus.”

Antunez said, “It takes a collective effort of cleaning up after oneself to keep our bathrooms clean and more comfortable.”

Students are encouraged to report dirty bathrooms by calling 442-8200 ext. 8746; the number is located inside every bathroom.

“Although the bathrooms are not the best,” Gallegos said,  “they are not so bad that no one wants to use them.”