DHHSC hosts Deaf Social Nights Event


Upcoming DHHSC social night events.

Story By: Alejandra Flores, Reporter

The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing Service Center hosted a Deaf Social Night at the Starbucks in River Park on Oct. 12. Individuals from around the Fresno area gathered to meet new people, interpreters and counselors to improve their communication skills.

During the event, attendees introduced each other to interpreters and to each other, sharing their stories and coffee.

The DHHSC provides many core services to assist individuals with difficulty interacting with others. The center also assists with advocacy services and communications services, including interpreting and counseling.

“We’re here to socialize with other ASL students,” signed Bailey Matney, a frequent participant of the Deaf Social Nights event.  “We also want to help anyone who has any questions and basically guide anyone who needs tutoring or mentoring.”

DHHSC’s mission statement is to advocate, seek equality, and promote self determination through empowerment for those who seek their assistance; and to enhance the awareness and understanding of deaf culture and unique communication needs of the deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Within the next five years, DHHSC’s goal is to provide a wider range of social services to deaf and hard of hearing people and their families in the Central Valley.

“I just want to be able to help people who are unaware of the type of resources DHHSC provides,” Serigo Anguiano, an interpreter who frequently participates in the Deaf Social Nights event, said.

DHHSC hopes their agency will become financially stronger and more stable through improved staff and public relations that will build a broader visible presence in order to provide a successful communication access to the entire community.

“Deaf Social Nights is an important event because it allows individuals from our community to come together and meet other people that can help each other out,” says Anguiano.  

Jane Datsko, an ASL interpreter, is in charge of organizing the Deaf Social Nights. There will be another event on Oct. 26 at Dutch Bros Coffee on W. Shaw Ave. If you have any questions regarding the event, you can call 559-225-3382 for more information.   

“We need more people to become involved in ASL,” Anguiano said. “I feel like it’s important to be able to communicate and interpret sign language; socializing and becoming aware of ASL is needed.”