Students Give Mixed Reviews on Trump


Photo by: Larry Valenzuela

Donald Trump stands in the middle of supporters during a visit to Fresno on May 27, 2016.

Story By: Payton Hartung, Reporter

Donald Trump, republican candidate for presidency, has sparked a lightning rod of discussion and debate.

Fresno City College students who hold different political ideas and beliefs have their own unique opinion on the candidate.

Ciera Garcia, who considers herself a conservative, explained her dissatisfaction with Trump.

“I don’t think he represents the republican viewpoint,” Garcia said.

Garcia said Trump would be an ineffective commander-in-chief.

“Not a lot of stuff would get done,” Garcia predicts. “He’s more about show; more bark than bite.”

Although Garcia is not a fan of Trump, she does like some of his qualities.

“He doesn’t sugar coat things. He may be brutally honest but at least he tells the truth, and he is not going to be two-faced.”

Marcos Escalera who does not affiliate himself with any political party, described how he thinks a Trump administration would look.

“I wouldn’t see that much of a change to be honest. I feel like probably more people would be getting angry and I’m guessing more racism,” Escalera said.

Escalera defended Trump, saying current racial tensions can’t be blamed on him.

“He is just speaking his mind, but speaking your mind can be pretty racist,” he said. “I feel like he is a little racist but I do not blame him because everybody is racist somehow.”

Escalera said it all depends how open one is about their “racism.”

One thing Escalera likes about Trump is that “he has the guts to say what is on his mind. He doesn’t care what other people think.”

Nancy Arredondo, a criminology major, said she leans more to the left politically.

Arredondo does not have faith Trump could be trusted with the presidency.

“I do not think he is educated enough to make the correct decisions that would really benefit everyone,” Arredondo said. “He just cares about himself.”