EST Club Promotes Technology, Inclusiveness

EST Club Promotes  Technology, Inclusiveness

Photo by: Savanna Manzo

Story By: Albertina Rodriguez Delgado, Reporter

You like science and have curiosity?

The Electrical Systems Technology club may be the place for you.

Robert Martinez, adviser to the club, said many are often intimidated by their name, but that they have nothing to fear.

“It’s like anything else, you take one step at a time, one step at time and before you know it you’re at the segment that you wanted,” Martinez said. “Yes there’s a little bit of math involved but it’s not calculus.” He said once you get past the name, you’ll find that the EST club is right for you.

“I joined the club because it was a way to meet new people, network, of course,” Miguel Perez, president, said. “They offer great insight when it comes to job openings.”

The EST club is not only a great way to network with people with similar interests; it opens job opportunities. Several companies come and do presentations for students.

“The VA hospital made an exclusive internship with the Fresno City College EST club,” Perez said. “They’re working on hiring Biomed Techs, so what they decided was to create an internship program that will help students who are studying in the EST program to transition to electrical medical field, which is the Bio Tech.”

The club draws lots of attention each time they display their LED panels, the quad copter and the robots, which they built. The club president hopes to capitalize on that and expand their LED panel and double the size of their size.

“I believe that the Fresno City College needs a club like this to promote our EST program and Applied Technology program to encourage others and let people know that when they hear electrical systems it’s not just an electrician. There’s so much more,” Perez said.

The club has worked on many projects, but one project that stood out this year at club rush and career day at Hoover High School is their quad copter.

“It was really nice because it was able to catch people’s interest. We weren’t able to fly it, but it did catch a lot of eyes,” Perez said. “We had a lot of people turn out at our booth, and I think people are fascinated by the technology.”