Announcement boards can offer crucial info

Story By: Alyssa Garza, Reporter

Are you looking for an apartment, a job, a pet or even a car?

You need not look far — your answers can be found on bulletin boards located throughout the Fresno City College campus.

There are 4 different bulletin boards are scattered on campus, located in front of the gymnasim, next to student services, in between the math and english building and right in front of the student store. and serve as information sharing centers for the college community.

Current advertisements include Avenue Q and Student Art Hop, “It is important to let students know what is going on in the community,” said Valerie DiPinto Office Assistant III for FCC student activities about the real value of bulletin boards.

DiPinto explained that while the student activities office encourage students to display the information on the bulletin boards, everyone must follow the process which starts with seeking approval at the student activities office.

Once approved, “the ad [notice] stays up for 30 days,” DiPinto said. “But students must post them up themselves.”  After the 30 days are up, the notice could be reposted as long as the owner seeks and obtains extension of the approval.

Some students said bigger, brighter, bolder fliers may attract more viewers and encourage more participation.

“I would really enjoy looking at the kiosks if the lettering fonts or colors of the advertisements were more brighter and bolder,” said student Maggie Torres.

The Anime Club’s flier on most bulletin boards on campus invites FCC students to join their club by getting in contact with the club’s leader Hoa Tran.

Aiesha Francis, member of the Anime Club, said the club is interested in getting more members to share in their love of Japanese culture and cartoons.

The bulletin boards are also useful in disseminating vital information such as one from the college’s Psychological Services. The Psych services’ notice contains information about the program and who students need to talk to if they have concerns.

“We help assist, cope and talk to students who just want to sit and talk with us about issues of being a college student or the struggle of going to college,” said Gregory Crawford, psychological intern.

A wide array of information can be found at the bulletin boards around campus and students seem to enjoy it.

“I use the kiosks to scan for new and interesting bulletins that I might have an interest in,” said Randy Adams, a student. “It’s a load of information that is up here, and I enjoy looking at it.”