Child Development Center meets students’ childcare needs

Story By: Alyssa Garza, Reporter

As any kind of new or returning student parents attending Fresno City College, whether it be this fall semester or the beginning their first year, a recommended place for them to take their children on campus would be the school’s Child Development Center.

For student parents knowing that they have a place on campus to take their children during class seems like a suitable and welcoming place for them to take their children so they won’t have to worry about finding a babysitter.

“I never knew that Fresno City College had a daycare center, I would be very interested in enrolling my child as soon as possible” said Anthony Everk a student parent who has been attending FCC.

“Working here at the Child Development Center and being able to manage my schedule is hard but the staff here makes it easier, and I enjoy seeing my kids interact with other children as they grow and learn” said Rosalinda Casados a student parent/ worker at the Child Development Center.

“Start with taking a child development core class…so take a child development-1,child development-30,  child development-38 or child development-39 class,” said Estefana Antonio, instructor coordinator for the Child Development Center. “Take those first and if it peaks your interest and you really like it then continue taking it” said Antonio.

“For anyone taking Child Development Classes, try looking into what the Child Development Center has to offer.” said Antonio shortly after recommending what class should students look into if they would be interested in majoring in Child Development as their future job.

The staff of the Child Development Center like to focus on home like qualities for the children to help them adapt faster into the child care’s center so they won’t have to feel like their being dropped off in a strange place.

The Child Development Center Information page does state that there is a policy fee for enrollment, for beginning applicants there is a fee of $30 for registration that just started this semester for any beginning admission of the child, the child care development center does have a waitlist that the staff keeps open during the months of June and December.

“We serve a diverse population priority goes to student, then faculty and staff, followed by community members. We serve children 2-5 years old and have recently been re-accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children” said Antonio.

According to Antonio the child  development center is an accredited Pre-k Schooling, unlike other day cares in the Fresno area.