Career Development Center helps job search

Story By: Alyssa Garza, Reporter

There will be a job fair at Fresno City College on Sept. 24, 2014.

There will be at least 25 employers who will be at the job fair.The job fair will be from 9am-12pm inside of the Fresno City College Cafeteria. Students should bring at  least 5-12 resumes.

Students can go online and research the companies that will be there.

“Making a first impression is really important, employers want to hire college students and they want to see them well dressed” said Cindy Dunn career coordinator for the Fresno City College Career Center.

Cindy Dunn recommended that students go into the career center ahead of time to work on resumes for that day. Counselors such as Lilly Hernandez helps students work up a resume by appointment only so that they can put up the application for the job that they are applying for.

“A student can sit down and meet with a career counselor and do a series of assessment test,” Dunn said. “Then [Lilly Hernandez] goes over it with them. Tells them, shows them, that based on the answers they gave what the best career path would be.”

Employer’s allow the Fresno City Career Center to  post job listings onto the career’s center “” for anyone wanting to go onto this site to apply for any of the jobs that are posted it is recommended that their cell phone number or email is appropriate other wise employer’s might not find it worthy enough to take a look at the application.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate for many young adults is three times higher who haven’t gotten the chance to have their first job in the work force of today’s society.

“Being that i’m young I really have to make sure that when i create my resume look like it’s very sophisticated, to highlight the [little] experience that i do have,” said Lance Whittenburg, a 23 year-old Positions Clerk who got his job through the WorkForce. “I’m employable, i’m reliable and i’m worthy investment to hire an employee”