Fcc Instructor Wins State-Wide Award

Story By: Frank Lopez, Rampage Reporter

Fresno City College Philosophy Professor Dr. Robert Boyd has won the Hayward Award for “Excellence in Education” at the statewide competition.
The Hayward Award honors faculty members of California community colleges who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their students, profession, and school. As the winner, Boyd will receive a plaque and $1,250.
There have been 21 faculty members from FCC who have been nominated for the Hayward Award and five of them have won the statewide competition.
Boyd said that he was surprised he won. “I’m really honored, humbled,” says Boyd. “This campus has so many good educators, it was phenomenal to be nominated by local teachers, but to win at the state level, I’m shocked.”
Boyd has been teaching since 1983. He started teaching at FCC in 1996. He has served on 28 different committees on campus and takes an active interest on many aspects of the college. He has also authored a number of books and has recently completed his PhD.
“On one hand, I’ve been very active on governance issues on campus. I’ve also been extremely active in the academics,” said Boyd. “The students seem to like me, or some of them do anyway.”
Lee Herrick, English professor, nominee for the Hayward Award in 2006, said he nominated Boyd for all of the extra effort he puts into his students and school.
“I am elated and proud that Bob has won the Hayward Award,” says Herrick. “His selection for this prestigious and well-deserved recognition places him among the state’s best educators, from a college whose faculty provides inspired and high-quality instruction day in and day out.”
Herrick also says that Boyd’s recognition is important for our faculty and campus. “Bob’s recognition holds great importance,” says Herrick. “It is one of the many reasons we have to feel good about our city, our campus, and the students whose lives are often transformed by their experience here.  We have many extraordinary faculty members, and to have one of our own highlighted in this way is a wonderful occasion to celebrate.”
Boyd says that he is happy that he gets to teach at FCC and alongside so many excellent professors and that he is proud to be a part of FCC’s history. “This job is about teaching. I did some investigation on the school and what I was seeing is that this campus has a long history of excellent teachers,” said Boyd. “Not only are they good in the classroom but they are recognized in their discipline. I think its neat to see that continued legacy.”
Dr. Boyd is teaching four philosophy courses and one world religion course this semester. Boyd will continue to teach here until his retirement in five years, after which he hopes to continue teaching part time at a university.
The winners of the Hayward Award will be honored at the Board of Governors meeting in Sacramento, Ca, on March 6.