Employment Resources at FCC

Story By: Frank Lopez

Students at Fresno City College can use the resources provided that assists them with finding a job. With a national unemployment rate of 9 percent and seemingly few businesses hiring, finding employment may seem daunting for any job hunter.

The Employment Resource Center at FCC is available to students who would like assistance in finding a job. Mary Beth Wynn, Job Placement Specialist at the ERC says, “We’re not a job placement center, we’re a resource center.” said Wynn.   “What we do is we just assist the students with trying to find a job.”Students are assisted with making resumes, finding employers, and conducting mock interviews. Students can also log into the ERC’s website and access information regarding employers and post their own resumes.

There is a wide range of students that come through the ERC building, with half of the students of an older age seeking jobs. In addition, FCC alumni are allowed to return to the ERC and use their services after their graduation.

With a number of students attending FCC trying to complete their major students must consider the career they wish to pursue. Coordinator of the Employment Resource Center, Cindy Dunn said, “It’s so critical for young people to get focused on what their goals are, and it really helps if you can get a job in the career that you are choosing for yourself.”

Also, students who qualify for the Federal Work Study (FWS) financial aid program can gain work experience and earn money for their college expenses. Students can visit the Financial Aid office and apply for FWS.

FCC student, Moua Xiong, has been working in the school library since the 2010 fall semester. Moua said, “I enjoy working at FCC Library because I come to school here and I also work here, so that’s very convenient for me. My work hours and my school hours are very flexible with each other.”

Minimum wage salaries are paid to the students who get a job on campus. Student’s work on part time schedules with more hours added the longer a student works there.

There are also job opportunities available to students that do not go through the resource center or are not part of the FWS. The bookstore and the Pacific Café at FCC are independent employers and are open to students who are not in FWS. There are signs posted outside of the student bookstore whenever positions are available.

With a slowly rising economy, international student Yiannis Vasilaros feels students should utilize the resources available to them. Vasilaros, contrasts the U.S. college system, with the one of his native country of Greece. “Here you have more opportunities if you want. I’ve noticed that people don’t realize that because they don’t have anything to compare it with.” says Yiannis, “They don’t realize the freedoms they have and the rights they have.”