ASG Appeals to Students for Donations

Story By: by Kimberly Ann Hodges

Red donation buckets were on the tables of every club booth. Teaming up with the Fresno/Madera Chapter of the American Red Cross, Fresno City College’s Associated Student Government coordinated a fundraiser during last Wednesday’s Club Rush in an effort to raise money for survivors ofthe Haitian earthquake.

ASG members sat beside the Red Cross booth near the fountain from 10am to 2pm promoting the cause and asking for donations.  Red Cross volunteer answered phones in the call center and took donations to help with upcoming events.

The goal for the day was $25,000 in donations, which is only about a dollar per student. Some students didn’t hesitate to  rid themselves of the weight of change from their pockets and looked proud when they tossed it in to the donation bucket.  A few even whipped out a five or ten dollar bill.

Others felt uncomfortable giving away their hard earned money, saying they feared it wouldn’t be spent wisely by the corporations who would be handling it.  

But most students either didn’t have the extra cash or simply chose not to donate and it showed in the final money count.

ASG had thrown in $250 to the pot before Club Rush.  The final count for all buckets was about $350, a very small amount  compared to their goals.

Fortunately, a few FCC faculty members and students donated an extra $150 after Rush, for a total amount of about $750.

Kaitlyn Nichols, ASG Senator who helped create the idea of a donation booth with Red Cross, said before the Club Rush that if turnout wasgood, they would try to get Red Cross back on campus again.  No future events are planned at this time.

For more information about donations or the “Rams for Relief” program, please contact,

Kaitlyn Nichols, ASG Senator: (559) 442-8275 or the Fresno Madera Chapter of the American Red Cross:

(559) 455-1000.