FCC’s City Dance Spring Concert


Photo by: Abigail Wall

Performers of the City Dance Spring Concert on April 29, in the FCC Theatre.

Fresno City College’s dance department presented the City Dances Spring Concert on April 29 to May 1 at the FCC Theatre. This live performance showcased varying styles of dances including hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary.

The performance payed tribute to retiring Choral Director Julie Dana with a dance to a performance by the City Singers. 

Cristal Tiscareno, the artistic director for the concert, is happy students get an opportunity to perform and rebuild the community. 

“That year of the pandemic really separated us. Dancers from my understanding are extremely community oriented. So we thrive off of supporting each other, nurturing each other. It goes a lot deeper than just the practices. It’s about friendship and, you know, community,” said Tiscareno.

So there’s this great support of people around you during your journey through your process of your dance and then the people gathering around you to help make your dreams come true.”

Students have been rehearsing since January for this production. 

“Coming out of  covid, we’re really trying to build the dance and arts back up at city [FCC] because they were hit really hard with, you know, online schooling. And so I think you can really see that in a lot of the pieces,” said performer Wilma Tsutsui. 

She feels that after the pandemic dance is striving towards reconnecting with the community. 

“Because last city dance, we were trying to minimize interaction and physical touch, but this one we’re allowed to kind of do that more,” said Tsutsui. 

Performer Sarah Watson who is a dance and kinesiology major at FCC is thrilled to perform for the community.  

“I think the fact of getting to perform for the community is when I’m most excited for. To showcase how hard the dancers, the instructors, the choreographers, and the lighting tech have been working, especially the dancers and choreographers that work all semester long to, you know, show the community what kind of a purpose the dance has, not only for healing, but what it is for life” said Watson. 

The concert featured choreography by Caitlin Gainey and Alyjha Tauscher and guest performers Zachary Garcia and Siena Simas.