Campus food choices are many and diverse

Story By: Adam Peters, Reporter

Students looking for a bite to eat around Fresno City College will not have a hard time finding an option that suits any budget or nutritional need this year. 

The large campus and area around FCC offers many great food destinations and also brings students an ample amount of space to sit, study and kill time between classes. As budgetary issues can be a recurring theme among college students, the food options around campus are especially accommodating to those who are financially stressed. 

Inexpensive and enjoyable food is widely available in the form of food trucks. According to the FCC website, the January line up of food trucks will mostly feature Mexican cuisine by La Jacka Mobile, Tacos Sinaloa and Tacos La Vaporera. 

Other food trucks like Tako BBQ and Greek N More will also be present this month to add culinary variety to the catalog. Food trucks are operating on campus Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on campus from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Another way hungry students can get the most bang for their buck is by using their student ID cards to get discounts at local food stops. 

Some discounts include 20% off all pizzas at many Mountain Mike’s locations around town, 10% off any item at Green Papaya Mart and Deli,  and/or $1 off with any $10 purchase at Ming’s Restaurant. Having a student ID card is one key to tackling on-campus hunger and they cost $5 at the student lounge.

Also included with the ID card deals is Dutch Bros. Coffee, a Fresno favorite. While the company has coffee included in their name, the beverage shop has a widely versatile menu that extends beyond coffee. 

For students who need a good dose of caffeine, one of the most popular drinks is the Rebel which has a combination of flavored syrups mixed with a Red Bull energy drink. If you spot a student enjoying a brightly colored beverage out of the company’s easily identifiable cup, chances are that they’re sipping on a Dutch Bros. Rebel. Having an ID card will get any student $1 off any drink at all Dutch Bros. Fresno locations.

For students not accustomed to packing a lunch, the choices for satisfying nutritional needs around campus are many. 

Having many food options around campus allows for a dynamic lunch diet, and students won’t get particularly worn out from having the same meal every day. Maintaining an adequate supply of food is necessary for academic success.