Top 5 Ways to Spend Spring Break

Story By: Sarah Chavez, Assistant Opinion Editor

Top 5 Ways to Spend Spring Break

Spring is around the corner, and what is the best way to spend your time? Doing absolutely nothing.

Throughout this entire school year students have endured piles and piles of work without breaks. The only time that we get to breath is the day after we turn in all our assignments which we have held off on doing as long as we can.

School has taken a toll on our sleep schedules. The school work, hours, and procrastination has taken time out of what could have been a great sleep or nap. Take the time to catch up on all the lost sleep.

Everyone has a stash of books in the corner of their room that they swore to themselves that they would read, but never got to it. This break would give you both the time and opportunity to read those forgotten books.

Take a Road Trip
Students always tweet about the fact that they want to take a road trip down to the beach or up to the mountains, but always feel like their obligation to school keeps them chained here. When school is on break you will be able to finally pack that go-go bag and drive for a day or two to enjoy the world.

Catch Up on Work
You may have a few lingering assignments that you should have turned in before spring break. Now is your chance to do them and turn them in without feeling rushed or discouraged.

Focus on Hobbies
Focus on the fun projects that you have been putting off because you felt that there were more important things to worry about. Finally finish whatever you were working on before that brought joy to life. If you don’t have a project awaiting then make one.