The Missing Link, Another Stop Motion Feature


Photo by: LAIKA.

Story By: Alfredo Rodriguez, Reporter

The fifth feature film from the stop motion studio Laika has managed to pull some strings and take a different direction with their latest film “Missing Link.” This picture will have the audience laughing, admiring the bright colors and admiring the characters on the screen.

“Missing Link” follows Sir Lionel Frost, a monster investigator played by Hugh Jackman, who sets off on a trip to prove the existence of a legendary sasquatch. Along his way in search of the mythical creature, who goes by the name of Susan and is played by Zach Galifianakis, he encounters the beast and strikes a deal with the monster.

For an audience that has never watched the studio’s previous films, they are known for their stop motion presentation which makes every shot precise. It’s incredible how they manage to compose the whole film unlike most studios who use CGI and computer animations. “Missing Link” is a work of art that highlights many hours of labor which most audiences take for granted.

The plot of the movie was very charming, enjoyable, insightful, comical, hilarious, and fascinating. From Sir Lionel’s encounter with the beast to his journey across the world the plot has a ton to offer and has a satisfying ending.

The films admirable characters help deliver the plot of the story, many of the characters are admirable, adventurous, and brave.

Susan the legendary Sasquatch is very courageous, cheerful, and is a character that one cannot hate. Throughout the film Susan’s actions will have the audience laughing and smiling.

Most of the characters have a certain characteristic that audiences are bound to love and admire.

The studio has made other films like “Caroline” and “ParaNorman” that are more gothic, dark and filled with many things that can give you nightmares. The studio decided to take a different direction with their new film rather than deliver another goth-style film. Although they took a different direction and decided to branch out of their old style they manage to amaze and deliver another great film.

The feature film has a great cast that give and bring the characters on the screen to life, they also help deliver the funny moments in between the movie. Sir Lionel and Susan’s first encounter deliver a hilarious and memorable moment that sets the tone for the rest of the journey. Both actors Jackman and Galifianakis make a great duo and help deliver the films funny moments.

Many themes and motifs can be found throughout the film. Many of them were about finding your family, true friendships, things that matter, and discovering yourself. Because for Lionel he wanted to prove and be a part of the monster hunters but they would never consider him as one, so he lost himself trying to prove them wrong and later finds himself and realizes he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Overall, this movie is a must see for everyone. The feature film has its humorous moments, along with bright colors and admirable characters throughout the screen. The incredible stop-motion that was captured and turned into a work of art is a plus and makes it a unique film that sets its apart from most animated movies.