Fresno City Students Cue Up for Pool Tournament

Story By: Ben Rodriguez, Reporter

Fresno City College Student Services hosted a pool table tournament on Tuesday, September 11 in the game room.

The tournament featured 12 players in a single elimination style tournament. The only requirement was having a student I.D. No experience was necessary.

Ryan Guzman, a player in the tournament, talked about his background in the sport and how he found out about the tournament. He saw it up on the bulletin board in the student services building and knew he wanted to be apart of it.  

“If I win it all, it would be really cool, if not it’s a free game of pool,” said Guzman.

Guzman has been playing for about nine years and was taught by his father.

The atmosphere of the games were relaxed and with good spirit. People were exchanging names and stories and making new friends.

The majority of students said the tournament was a great way to meet other people who have a similar hobby as them.

“This tournament gets people together from all walks of life, people you wouldn’t normally talk to,” said Michael Alison Puentes.

Puentes was excited about the game because it was his first time competing. And he said he would definitely come to play in the next one.

Student services has organized this tournament for the last three years and is pleased with the participation.

The winner of the tournament was Randy Pacheco, who just happened to notice something going on in the game room. He said the win felt good and so did his first place prize, a Chick-Fil-A gift card.

Keep an eye out on the bulletin boards in the game room for the next event.