Fresno Fair Fired Up for Fluffy


Gabriel Iglesias tells a joke at the Paul Paul Theater during The Big Fresno Fair on Friday, Oct. 13, 2017.

Story By: Marco Rosas, Entertainment Editor

The Fresno Fair’s Paul Paul Theater usually showcases musical acts like the Goo Goo Dolls, Chicago and Ice Cube.

But Oct. 13, the Paul Paul Theater stage was reserved for laughs as comedian Gabriel Iglesias, or “Fluffy,” shared 45 minutes of completely new material with a sold-out crowd.

Full of stories and described as “random” and “unbelieveable,” Iglesias’ new material delivered cries of laughter throughout the Paul Paul Theater.

Iglesias told of his experiences meeting legendary hip-hop icons, to professional wrestling superstars and even the man Iglesias referred to as “Mexican Elvis,” Vicente Fernandez.  

Iglesias was preceded by comedians Ian Bagg and Alfred Robles who brought their own brand of comedy to the show.

Both Robles and Bagg where a part of the tour celebrating Iglesias’ 20 years working in comedy, titled “Fluffymania.”

Friday’s show was filled with lots of news for Iglesias’ devoted fan base present at The Big Fresno Fair.

Iglesias has visited the fair for five consecutive years and said if the fair will have him, he’d return for five more.

Iglesias also announced he plans to record and release an entire comedy special in complete Spanish for his large Hispanic fanbase.

Many of those fans were at the show as made evident by the comedian’s frequent apologies to sole English speakers.

“I’m sorry, but it’s Fresno,” Iglesias said. “You’ve got to know a little Spanish.”  

The crowd didn’t appear to mind a bit of Spanish here and there, despite being filled with diverse demographics including children as young as 6.

At the end of his scheduled time, Iglesias partook in a form of comedic karaoke with the crowd as they shouted along to old jokes while Iglesias told them.

Afterward he was presented with a custom made Fresno State Bulldogs jersey with “Fluffy” on the back.

He may not have been the first act of the Paul Paul Theater’s concert series, but Gabriel Iglesias was definitely one of the best and helped bring the fair’s closing weekend to a laugh filled end.